Bertcast # 539 – Dane Cook & ME

Today, I sit down with comedian, Dane Cook. We talk about our long history together, on screen sex scenes, Jessica Alba, betting on yourself, excitement vs anxiety, his new special, and much more!

Bertcast # 538 – Richard Rawlings & ME

Today, I sit down the owner of “Gas Monkey Garage” and the star of “Fast N’ Loud”, Richard Rawlings. We talk about Richard getting shot, starting Gas Monkey, buying/selling cars, gumball 3000, favorite cars, and much more!

Bertcast # 536 – Jamie O’Brien & ME

Today, I sit down in Hawaii with professional surfer, Jamie O’Brien. We talk about his first time surfing at 3, injuries, taking control of his own career, his friend Poopies, and much more!

Bertcast # 535 – Nathan Florence, Koa Rothman & ME

Today, I sit down in Hawaii with professional surfers, Nathan Florence & Koa Rothman. We talk about line up hierarchy at the North Shore, surfing pipe for the first time, surf competitions, buying land in Hawaii, under rated surfers, and much more!

Bertcast # 534 – Tim Dillon & ME

Today, I sit down with comedian, Tim Dillon. We talk about internet culture, things Tim loves, local hometown bars, his new Netflix special, life advice for Ila, and much more!

Bertcast # 533 – Ryan Sickler & ME

Today, I sit down with comedian, Ryan Sickler. We get high and talk about our first time getting stoned, The Osbournes, the Northridge earthquake, getting involved with a kingpin, being a twin and much more!

Bertcast # 532 – Meals By Cug & ME

Today, I sit down with Tiktok/Instagram star, Meals By Cug aka Danny Mondello. We talk about LA vs NY Bagels, making money as an influencer, growing up on Staten Island, our favorite restaurants, and much more!

Bertcast # 531 – Nikola Djuricko (Stranger Things) & ME

Today, I sit down with Stranger Things break out star, Nikola Djuricko. Nikola Plays Yuri in the new Stranger Things season and I met him while shooting my movie in Serbia. Today, we talk about growing up in Serbia, becoming an actor, Serbian basketball, shooting Stranger Things, Winona Ryder, and much more!

Bertcast # 530 – Mike Birbiglia & ME

Today, I sit down with comedian, Mike Birbiglia. We talk about his new one man show, anxiety, sleep walking through a window, touring with comedy legends, being a Dad, how to tell a story, and much more!