Something’s Burning – Season 2, Episode 11

Season 2, Ep. 11

I’m joined by my #4 and #12 best friends, Bobby Kelly and Mike Calta, for some Cuban sandwiches and locker room talk.


– Ripe plantains
– Vegetable oil
– Salt

1. Slice plantains at an angle into 1/2 inch pieces
2. Sprinkle plantains with salt
3. Heat vegetable oil on medium low; cook plantains for 7 minutes each side
4. Drain plantains on a paper towel before serving

– Avocado
– Sour cream
– Garlic
– Lime juice
– Cilantro
– Chili powder
– Salt and pepper

1. Dice Avocados; place all ingredients in food processor and process on high until smooth

– Mayonnaise
– Minced garlic
– Lemon Juice
– Salt and pepper

– Mayonnaise
– Hot sauce
– Minced garlic
– Lime juice
– Cajun seasoning

– Bread
– Mustard
– Mayo
– Swiss cheese
– Dill pickles
– Ham
– Pulled pork
– Salami
– Butter

1. Spread mustard and mayo on both sides of bread. Add cheese to both sides
2. Add ham, pork, salami, and pickles to one side, then close sandwich
3. Heat skillet and season with butter
4. Toast sandwich on both sides, pressing down with another pan

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